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I really hate to do this, but I just do not know what else to do

I’ve sold everything I have of value at the moment, but my laptop.

I do not want to do that just yet, because I need it for work.

I moved from California to Missouri in order to escape a toxic environment and to help better my future.

I am so very close to doing so. I have been living off my savings for a long time. I had work for a while, but lost my job because I did not meet my sales goal. Which required for me again to go to my savings.

as you can see, I am down to my last 50$

I have no rent, I usually pay rent on the 15th, but for the last few months, my room mate has been having money problems requiring me to pay it early. I have 50$ to my name, I need that to get to work. I take the bus everywhere or walk if I have to. I have a job at Best Buy, but I do not start working there til the 4th and as with most businesses my first check probably will be held even though I would get paid on the 17th.

I do have other financial endeavors that could pan out, just for now I am desperate.

My rent is 350 every month, I really would appreciate any help towards paying it. I am literally at my wits end. I’ve sold every

I’ve come a long way, I am almost on my feet, just please help me out?

My paypal is

or if you’d rather I set this up:

if you would rather just look at my etsy though there isn’t much there at the moment. It is

if you can help me towards my rent i’ll be sure to pay it forward when I am on my feet again.. Thank you…

if you can’t help, can you possibly reblog/signal boost?



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